OSM - Open Source Management

Our mission is to create the conditions to grow entrepreneurs and companies.
More than 80% of our customers see a
constant increase in turnover every month.

Our Consulting Services

Search and Selection of Personnel

We deal with Research and Personnel Selection to help companies retain qualified, motivated and determined people to achieve company objectives. Furthermore, we train our clients to make them autonomous and effective in the research and selection process itself.

I-Profile analysis personnel management 3.0

The I-Profile Analysis © measures the ten fundamental ingredients that determine the productivity of each person, offering an objective assessment of individual potential

Enterprise Globalization

Expand your business overseas thanks to our services implemented in several years of experience and thanks to our partnerships with other entrepreneurs who have brought their businesses globally.

OSM Leadership Courses

The OSM Leadership courses provide business leaders with the best tools to create and manage teams that are highly motivated to achieve company goals.

OSM Sales Courses

The OSM sales courses allow you to learn a highly innovative professional system in the field of sales techniques: from the seduction of the customer, to the presentation of the product, to overcoming objections to successfully conclude even the most difficult negotiations.

Public Speaking OSM course

The Public Speaking OSM course allows you to overcome the fear of the stage and will provide you with the basics to professionally manage an audience, to design the intervention and to capture the public's interest.

Financial Management and Budget Analysis

We help the entrepreneur to analyze the financial situation of the company to understand the margins and develop a plan of practical actions that leads the company to increase profits.

OSM Marketing Courses

Thanks to the OSM Marketing Courses we are able to transfer the most innovative commercial promotion techniques available on the market to allow the company to find new customers and retain existing ones.

Staff Training Courses

OSM - Open Source Management has always dedicated itself to the growth of those who collaborate with the manager, to the training of collaborators .
The idea came from the need that some entrepreneurs have shown us

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