MBS Business School

The MBS Business School is the first school for entrepreneurs where entrepreneurs teach other entrepreneurs.

In fact, at MBS Business School you will not find academic professors, but entrepreneurs like you who, living daily the dynamics of the company, can share the practical actions they are putting in place to grow their companies. All this is based on the principle that: "It is through teaching that you really learn", and who better than an entrepreneur who has experienced on his skin a particular problematic situation can provide the most suitable solution ?!

In OSM we believe that a management school, or a consulting firm, that wants to provide concrete results to its customers , should be inspired in real time to what companies do that thrive and are successful TODAY, so as to collect their homes success stories and share them in order to provide ideas and useful tips to apply to your reality.

At MBS Business School every entrepreneur follows a "tailor-made" path to learn more about management issues that can help him in managing his company.

But the MBS Business School program is not just a study: it is also a regular briefing by OSM experts on the latest market trends and personalized assistance for the difficulties encountered in the company.

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