OSM - Open Source Management, a company of the OSM International Group, operates in the world of Business Consulting.

For over 25 years we have been helping  entrepreneurs to grow their business by providing them with concrete support in the processes of innovation and corporate reorganization and to present themselves in a more competitive way on the market, adding value to their offer.

By supporting the entrepreneur and taking advantage of our cutting-edge analysis systems, we are able to assess the needs of each company by studying, for each of them, an ad hoc growth plan.
We help companies to promote themselves and find new customers applying the most innovative techniques of promotion and sales.

We support companies in enhancing their Human Resources with customized projects. Because companies are made of people and if they are valuable it is much easier to reach future goals.
We help the entrepreneur to better manage the financial situation of his company, to plan internationalization plans and, in general, to acquire all the managerial skills that will allow him to obtain great results on the market.

The very practical and results-oriented approach has meant that more than 1,300 companies have decided to rely on our advice. Here we do not talk about the usual theory, but concrete and tangible results right now in the company!

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