Financial Management and Budget Analysis

o achieve greater efficiency in management control in the company, this intervention helps the entrepreneur to thoroughly analyze the margins he is getting from his products / services and to develop a plan of practical actions that will lead the company to increase profits. 
Our business consulting through a specialist consultant OSM - Open Source Management will establish a system of numerical and statistical indicators to monitor the performance of the company and the various productive sectors on a weekly or monthly basis and support the entrepreneur to learn the winning actions.
The intervention is definitely recommended as an initial action for client companies that have liquidity problems because, from experience, under these pressing problems are usually a sign of a more insidious problem: the company is not gaining enough on the products and services that It sells.

The training in question provides the entrepreneur with a great clarity of ideas and a truthful estimate of what actions the company's top management will have to put in place in order to obtain greater profits and make the business prosper.

We will also show you all the winning actions of many entrepreneurs who have managed to accumulate very important assets. 
These "successful case histories" have been simplified by our research staff; development in order to make them practical and immediately applicable allowing to set up a streamlined and effective management of its organization aimed at company growth.

Management through statistics
To create a fixed-term monitoring system, able to verify the productivity of the various areas of the company, OSM - Open Source Management offers its expertise in the development of numerical performance measurement systems. Fundamental elements to study and activate staff incentive plans and motivation.
This model of management control is often of fundamental importance also for the collaborator who performs his daily work: guided by an objective system of measuring productivity , he is able to understand faster what he should do by increasing his results exponentially. and integrating fully into the organization.

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