I-Profile analysis personnel management 3.0

Do you have talented people who hold key roles in your company? 
To fulfill certain roles, you need valuable personnel and to know WHO will really be able to do WHAT are the OSM-Open Source Management Human Resources analysis services . 
Through constant research and development work and thanks to the contributions of tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, business owners, directors and managers in multiple sectors and fields across the globe, we have developed a series of exclusive tools for personnel analysis that allow:

  • Make people aware of their potential and break down those obstacles that prevent them from achieving full success;
  • Photographing exactly the personal attitudes that will allow the person to reach important goals at a professional level. It does not only evaluate productivity in the short term, but allows a long-term forecast of the value assured by each resource;
  • Evaluate with summary statistical indexes entire business areas and, at the same time, determine how much each member is suitable for a given role;
  • Understand exactly what actions to put in place to effectively manage and incentivate each individual and improve their professional performance.
Starting from an in-depth analysis of the entrepreneur's ideas and a verification of the objective parameters of the main corporate assets, I-Profile Analysis OSM   allows the Open Source Management consultant to identify a small number of actions to be undertaken to drastically change the areas of corporate distress . 
This tool combines the principles of the most effective Problem Solving with the practical application of the 80/20 principle, that is: by selecting a 20% effective action, up to 80% of unsatisfactory processes can be improved.

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