OSM Marketing Courses

Marketing actions are increasingly important in a hyper-competitive market like the current one.
In the immense sea of ​​hyper offer companies today must differentiate and find their own market, so the battle is not fought on the price as many are led to think, but we must be able to climb the scale of added value for increase the business.

Differentiating means always giving something more than the competition: offering better products, additional services and above all solutions to customer needs, all to compete effectively on today's market that does not allow uncertainties.

The modern company must be able to develop a unique value offer by making a memorable shopping experience live for every customer: every sale is a great opportunity to get in touch with their market, and also a unique opportunity to build loyalty buyer of the good or service.

OSM - Open Source Management structures its own corporate consultancy activities in the field of marketing and web marketing , using staff of dedicated professionals, able to transfer the most innovative commercial promotion techniques existing on the market through specific training courses.

The  Marketing Courses  will take place over two days and will cover the following topics:

  • Creating a market survey
    • General introduction to marketing Marketing 
    • Laws 
    • Guidelines for creating a survey 
    • How to find the buttons in the survey 
    • Survey 
    • Tabging Practical exercises
  • Creation of a business promotion
    • Analysis of survey buttons to structure a promotion 
    • Analysis of competitors 
    • The three phases for an attractive promotion 
    • The importance of copy writing and graphics 
    • Practical exercises
  • Building an effective marketing campaign
    • The guidelines for building a marketing campaign
    • What is fundamental and what to avoid when creating a marketing campaign
    • Strategies of an integrated communication 
    • Practical exercises
  • The fantastic world of Social Media Marketing
    • General overview on the importance of being able to communicate efficiently 
    • Traditional communication tools and new 
    • Facebook media and the importance of photographic social networks 
    • Practical exercises


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