OSM Sales Courses

The Concept

We leave the theory to the professors, here we will deal with the practical actions that TODAY distinguish the sales champions. What are the aspects to work on every day that really affect the closure of a negotiation? "Logic makes us think, emotions make us act".

This is one of the basic principles to start with if you want to become a sales champion. Because in the sale the tricks to sell ice to the Eskimos do not work anymore. Today what allows you to be successful as a seller are other aspects.

Andrea Condello

Partner and co-founder of Open Source Management, a business consulting firm with offices in Italy, United States, Brazil, Russia, Bulgaria.

For over thirty years he has been involved in management, sales strategies and human resource management.

He holds courses and seminars in Italy and abroad and has helped thousands of managers and entrepreneurs achieve success.

Course program

  • What it means to be sellers today
  • The difference that makes the belief
  • To have a real interest in people
  • There is a system to sell more
  • The steps you need to do in a sales meeting

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