Search and Selection of Personnel

OSM - Open Source Management deals with personnel research and selection.
We also train our clients to make them autonomous and effective in selecting highly qualified people.
In the 21st century, the value of a business idea is determined by the quality of the people who married it.

The better the quality of the people who adopt the idea developed by the entrepreneur, the greater the value generated by the company.

Those companies that do not have "turnover" and do not include new people, tend to become static and weaken. So if the research and selection of personnel becomes a constant activity, the employees will be more motivated and the entrepreneur will increase his profits.
OSM - Open Source Management helps companies to look for not only new collaborators, but real "effective collaborators", "young promises" with passion, potential and positive attitudes.

The selection process in Open Source Management takes place through different phases:

  1. Study and knowledge of the company and the manager who will manage the resource to be included
  2. Drafting of an announcement aimed at finding the ideal candidate
  3. Screening of curricula
  4. Careful analysis of the professional and productive path and of the candidate's current level of motivation
  5. Administration of production potential analysis
  6. Selection interview
  7. Precise evaluation of the effort required to make the candidate quickly productive in the company

  • Drafting Announcements for Research of Personnel: to be faced only with suitable candidates in the selection, we offer our experience to prepare and publish, only through the best channels of communication, the search ads of staff
  • Analysis of the potential: to know in advance the characteristics and the productive potential of a candidate and choose only the right people, we provide the company with an expert opinion about the opportunity to include the person examined and a report that describes the main characteristics productive
  • Selection "Keys in Hand": through this service our consultant makes the selection and insertion of the right person in line with the required expectations, the one that will add new value to the company; also taking care of its integration within the group and the start-up phase of its productivity
  • Technical course: "Selection Interview":for companies wishing to acquire skills in the selection field, we organize a course, during which we transfer to our entrepreneurs or HR managers our ten-year experience in the research and selection of personnel

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