Staff Training Courses

OSM - Open Source Management  has always dedicated itself to the growth of those who collaborate with the manager, to the training of collaborators . 
The idea came from the need that some entrepreneurs have shown us:

Why, in addition to training owners and managers, do not also take care of all the employees of the companies?

The goal is precisely to help the owners bring changes and improvements on all levels of the company. 
The project, in concrete terms, provides for the study of the collaborators at least once a month in our MBS Business School . 
Among the courses Training Courses of the Staff we propose:
  • Sales Course
  • Marketing Course
  • Responsible course in the sector
  • Course on company delegation
  • Course for Administrators
  • Winning Collaborators Course
The path is always customized according to the needs identified for the improvement of the collaborator.

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